The New Republic Names the Goodest Thinkers of the Past 100 Years

As the New Republic celebrates its 100th birthday, how are we best to understand the magazine's century of ostentatious chin-stroking? As an attempt to declare by fiat a consensus politics for a nation of divided interests and purposes? An expression of the fundamental conservatism that underlies liberalism? A… » 11/20/14 9:07am Thursday 9:07am

​Al Sharpton's Finances Are, as Ever, Supremely Sketchy

The New York Times checked up today on the financial situation of the Reverend Al Sharpton, New York and America's most public private citizen. The setup is about how Sharpton has gone from outsider to insider, track suits to tailored suits, "from the streets to the suites," in his words, etc. Then we learn—well,… » 11/18/14 3:30pm Tuesday 3:30pm

Who Wore It Best: Taylor Swift Magazine Covers Compared

Everyone wants Taylor Swift on their magazine cover this week. Everyone needs Taylor Swift on their magazine cover this week. But whose Taylor Swift magazine cover best gets at the essence of the Taylor Swift phenomenon? Who wins the Taylor Swift cover sweepstakes and two tickets to Subway (sponsored by Diet Coke and… » 11/13/14 11:55am 11/13/14 11:55am

This Song Sucks and It Has Always Sucked

It was terrible when it came out and it was terrible when Ronald Reagan got its lowest-degree-of-difficulty irony wrong and it stayed terrible. It is terrible as Respected Songwriter Music and it is terrible as a Catchy Pop Hit. It is like being HIT in the FOREhead BROther HIT in the FOREhead BROther over and over and… » 11/07/14 2:53pm 11/07/14 2:53pm

Does America intentionally make nonwhite voters wait in longer lines to cast their ballots, to deliberately disenfranchise them? Or have centuries of white supremacy simply produced persistent across-the-board inequality of resources, which happens to include unequal access to voting machines? » 11/04/14 4:24pm 11/04/14 4:24pm