New York Times Endorses Reform Candidate for Powerless Position

Following up on its non-endorsement of New York governor Andrew Cuomo's challenger, Zephyr Teachout, the New York Times today endorsed Teachout's running mate, Tim Wu, for lieutenant governor. Because Cuomo is a terrible cynic with no identifiable values, his chosen lieutenant governor candidate, Kathy Hochul, is a… » 8/28/14 10:24am Thursday 10:24am

The New York Times Is Just as Corrupt and Cowardly as Andrew Cuomo

The New York Times editorial board, with great pride in its own high-mindedness, has refused to endorse Andrew Cuomo's campaign for renomination as governor of New York in the upcoming Democratic primary. As the Times' reporters have amply documented, Andrew Cuomo is, in his role as a self-appointed champion of clean… » 8/27/14 1:08pm Wednesday 1:08pm

This is exactly what the word "challop" was made for. Of course the Breeders are not better than the Pixies. But there are certain useful arguments to be made about gender and rock that can be made by means of putting forward the untrue and provocative claim that the Breeders are better. » 8/06/14 5:26pm 8/06/14 5:26pm

There Is No Such Thing as a Chesapeake "Crab Boil," Suckers

"Crab boils date back centuries on the Chesapeake Bay," write the people who are selling "crab boil" events—for $67—in New York City. These people are frauds and liars, selling ersatz "authenticity," pretentious unpretentiousness, a twee New York fabrication that has nothing to do with the tradition it wishes to evoke. » 8/06/14 11:42am 8/06/14 11:42am

How Soon Will You Die in a Fire at Your Rustic Barn Wedding?

America's premier rural community newspaper, the New York Times, has front-page coverage today of a trend that is roiling the countryside: the use of picturesque old wooden barns as rental spaces for folksy unpretentious rustic-themed weddings. Those weddings are loud! Country folk aren't accustomed to the hurly-burly… » 8/04/14 3:22pm 8/04/14 3:22pm