You know, you just spent at least $1,000 to buy me a new computer because my previous computer, which came new out of the box less than four years ago and which was not being used in any unusually demanding ways, was starting to fail. Because you are deeply loyal to a brand of consumer electronics that has discovered… » 2/16/15 5:30pm 2/16/15 5:30pm

Yeah, the gasoline situation in Connecticut is horrifying. Highway signs will claim there's gas and it turns out to be like 10 miles away after three turnings on rural highways. At least, that's how it was 15 or 20 years ago, the last time I tried. Because the good news is that since the only reason anyone would be in… » 2/04/15 11:04pm 2/04/15 11:04pm

I'm legitimately awed by the opening of Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!—it's the self-assurance of a master at the top of his craft. Here we have moved beyond the barest scene-setting exposition of "The sun did not shine" or character introduction of "I am Sam." As with Maurice Sendak's immortal two-page… » 1/28/15 10:55pm 1/28/15 10:55pm

Pro Football Shill Lanny Davis Lies About Shilling for Pro Football

Antibiotic-resistant flesh-eating infection Lanny Davis published a column in the Hill yesterday deploring the media's terrible rush to judgment against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Because the NFL's self-commissioned investigation into the Ray Rice scandal failed to find evidence that the league had done wrong,… » 1/15/15 9:35pm 1/15/15 9:35pm